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Amina Buddafly Visits “Sway In The Morning”, Says She Doesn’t Believe In God



Singer and “Love and Hip Hop” reality star Amina Buddafly visited “Sway in the Morning” radio show to talk all about what’s happened since the show’s season 4 finale and two-part reunion special.

The same reunion special where Amina dropped the bombshell about being pregnant. Unfortunately her husband and father-to-be, for the fifth time, wasn’t the least excited about it.

Among other things, Amina confirms that she’s three months along in her pregnancy. She explains her reason for not wearing her wedding ring (it isn’t the right ring). She also explains that Peter doesn’t wear his ring either (hmmm a man who doesn’t really want to be married would do that, right?) and why she continues to love her husband despite his lying and cheating ways.

She also surprised the hosts when she reveals that she and Peter are both Atheist (they don’t believe in God).

Amina also performed her new single “Don’t Wanna Be Right.” Well, at least her music music career may actually take off. Watch the full interview below and share your thoughts.


Spotted: ICC

(Photo: Sway Calloway/Instagram)


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  • lol fake baby bump. this show is taking it too far with their scripted stories

  • I was thinking the samething…..looks fake