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Rihanna “I Was Bankrupt Because of Stupid Accountant”



Can you believe Rihanna use to be broke?

That’s right. Back in 2009, Rihanna was practically bankrupt after her funds were mismanaged by an accountant.

The singer has just filed legal docs detailing just how she lost $9 million in a single year.

According to the singer’s lawsuit, in early 2009 she had roughly $11 million in cash and by the end of the year had only $2 million remaining.

Around the same time, Rihanna’s expenses had also doubled after purchasing a $7.5 million. She notes, she made the purchase after getting the approval from her accountant.

Talk about bad timing.

And although the singer’s career was taking flight, her Last Girl on Earth Tour was actually costing her money — something her accountant hadn’t told her.

“The legal docs were filed in connection with a lawsuit Rihanna filed against her accountant, claiming gross mismanagement,” reports TMZ.com

Thankfully the singer was able to recover her losses and then some. She’s now worth an estimated $43 million.




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