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Tyrese Gibson Offers Advice To Single Women, Do You Agree?



Tyrese would like to clarify just why you may be single. The singer, actor and author is known to share more than his opinions when it comes to matters of the heart, dating and relationships. Over the weekend, Ty felt the need to do just that by sharing his advice to single women on why they may be single.

Ty shared a Facebook video sharing his thoughts followed by an Instagram post detailing much of the same for those who may have missed the message.

Here’s what the actor had to say….


Although Ty meant well with his message, I couldn’t help but to feel displeased with the tone of the message. He’s attempting to uplift single women while degrading women he defines as needing male company.

The message can also be deemed as condescending.

And here’s Ty’s Facebook vlog.

What are thoughts ladies? Do you agree or disagree with Tyrese, and why?

(Photo: Tyrese)


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