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Tiny Blasts Negative Commenter About T.I’s Cheating Ways



You know, I was really trying to stay away from this story. Rumors that T.I has been cheating on Tiny is nothing new. In fact, we previously reported that that ATL rapper was allegedly cheating with his assistant Hanna Kang (See HERE). However, a fellow blogger and associate of mine who also knows Kang disputed those claims.

Fast forward to 2014. The rumors and tea are still reeling in. More like things just got real. Tiny has just blasted a negative commenter on social media about T.I’s alleged cheating ways. Catch this tea…..




Was that confirmation that ‘yes’ he’s cheating and ‘yes’ she knows about it? Why else would she have responded that way, right?

Tiny does seem like the kind of woman to turn a blind her in regards to what her husband is doing outside their home as long she and the kids needs are taken care of.

To each is own I guess.

You know, I like T.I. and Tiny together. Although I’m not sure what I’d do if I knew or discovered my man was cheating on me (lies, somebody is getting handled!), I really want these two to stick together.

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(Photo: Tiny/Imstagram)


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  • Their entire marriage has become a spectacle and I’m embarrassed for them at this point. Hip Hop Huxtables my ass.

  • This is a shame. I wish that they get it together off of social media.

  • That’s so damn sad!!

  • lmao — i knew they were having trouble from the get-go

  • MrsGrapevine

    Maybe she’s a take care of home type of hood girl. Maybe she’s OK with him cheating…Better her than me.

  • Oh course he cheats. And she knew. Why would you want to come out as the other woman is beyond me.

  • twanatells

    I think both TI and Tiny need to take a break from social media and work on their relationship