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Justin Bieber Erratic Behavior Causes Problems With Jet Staff


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Well, well, well..it has been a crazy couple of weeks for 19-year old Justin Bieber. Within less than a month, he was arrested for a DUI, charged for criminal assault and was turnt’ up with a 26 year old stripper! Just when you thought the Canadian singer couldn’t get any crazier, he does; on a private jet with his father and entourage.

This past Friday, Bieber, his father, Jeremy and about 10 of his Biebz’s friends were heading to Teterboro, NJ from Canada to attend some Super Bowl festivities. According to NBC News, Bieber and his team were smoking an excessive amount of marijuana on the jet and the pilots repeatedly asked him to stop smoking. JB not only didn’t stop smoking, but was verbally abusive to the staff members. The pilots had no choice but to wear gas masks in order to avoid inhaling the drug and failing any drug test, which could put their licenses at risk.

Bieber did admit to police during questioning that he had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, but he must have finished all of the drugs. When the plane landed, authorities noted that it reeked of marijuana, but after searching the jet, no unsmoked weed was found. Drug-sniffing dogs did find something though–the singer’s baggage smelled a little suspicious. Those bags were labeled as belonging to his trainer and personal assistant. Consequently, when his trainer and personal assistant were interviewed, they admitted that those bags really belonged to Bieber. Despite the smell, there was no marijuana found on the jet or in the bags, which means Bieber walked away, not exactly scot-free though. He was ignored at the NYC club, 1 Oak, and was turned away from at least four Super Bowl parties.

What’s next for the young star? Let’s hope he can clean up his act or he may be sent all the way back to Canada…and we’re not sure Drake will be welcoming him with open arms!

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Author: Elise Englander
Follow her on Twitter: @EliseRachel_


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