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Towanda Braxton Confirms Dating Kordell Stewart?



A few months ago, rumor had it, Towanda Braxton and the recently divorced Kordell Stewart were an item after having been spotted together.

Braxton made an appearance with her sisters, Tamar, Trina and Traci on the Bethenny Frankel daytime talk show, ‘Bethenny,’ on Monday, to discuss their sisterhood and reality show.

During the segment Frankel asked Towanda about those Kordell dating rumors. Although she didn’t officially confirm or deny the rumors she had this to say, “He’s a really nice guy.”

It was the always vocal Tamar Braxton who chimed in adding, “Lies![…]I wouldn’t consider him a catch. No shade, no shade, no shade! This is not milkshake right now. This is based upon what we all saw on [“Real Housewives of Atlanta”]. She [Kordell’s ex Porsha Williams] couldn’t go nowhere. She couldn’t do nothing. It’s not cute.”

Of her sister’s statements Towanda then added, “What I’m saying is this. You don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know exactly what happened in their marriage. That was just a one-sided situation.”

She adds, “He wasn’t on the show, she was on the show, so she was telling her side of the situation. I don’t know. I don’t care. He’s just a really nice guy to me. He’s a great dad. People don’t understand that when you put everything tumultuously on television, it effects the children.”

Porsha Williams also visited ‘Bethenny’ recently and gave her own opinion over the speculation her ex and Towanda were dating.

At the time Williams stated, “I think that’s great! I love Towanda. I watch [her] show and if that works for him, then I’m happy.”

Watch more of Towanda’s appearance on the show and what she had to say below.

(Photo: StraightfromtheA.com)


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