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George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West


George Zimmerman Mugshot

Sadly this is not a joke. Acquitted Trayvon Martin shooter and killer, George Zimmerman, would like to fight rapper Kanye West.

Zimmerman, whose entertained the idea of a celebrity boxing match, wants a few rounds with the rapper due to his history of attacking “defenseless people.”

Yup! You read that correctly.

This comes from the same George Zimmerman who shot the defenseless high school student nearly two years ago.

Promoters for Zimmerman’s upcoming celeb boxing match are hoping the rapper will take the bait — making the event a “must-see” spectacle.

According to TMZ.com, “We’re told George’s beef with Kanye is not just that he attacks paparazzi … but the innocents as well — like the 18-year-old who allegedly called Kim an “N***** lover.”

Promoters also indicate that if West takes Zimmerman up on his offer they’ll be willing to move the fight to Los Angeles — where Kanye resides.

CK readers, should Kanye take George up on his offer or are you just as disgusted as I am at the promoters for putting together the event and Zimmerman for even making the suggestion?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  • I’m so over hearing anything about this sorry sack of shit..

  • No one should be fighting him. Let’s not put a dime in this fools pocket. Let the tea baggers support his useless ass.