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Floyd Mayweather Denies Losing $10.4 Million On Super Bowl Bet



If you were watching Sunday night’s Super Bowl XVLIII, then you’re probably already aware that the Denver Broncos lost terribly to the Seattle Seahawks, 43 to 8.

Amidst the Superbowl fever, it was also reported that boxer Floyd Mayweather had foolishly placed a bet against the Seahawks costing him $10.4 million dollars!

Although the boxer had remained silent, upon the Broncos loss to the Seahawks, Floyd made sure to clarify the speculation. The athlete tweeted Sunday night, “I’m the best defensive fighter, it’s only right to go with the best defensive team.”

His tweet was accompanied by the following message…


We’re not sure if Floyd wanted to dispel the rumors because of his embarrassing defeat, but, he does have a point. Why would he make such a risky bet?

What are your thoughts CK readers, do you think Floyd is telling the truth or covering up his embarrassment?

(Photos: Floyd Mayweather/Twitter/IG)


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  • MrsGrapevine

    If he’d stopped spending his money recklessly and showing it off on Instagram, people wouldn’t believe the rumors. He’s bet a lot of money before, but $10 is ridiculous, even for him, I’d hope.