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La La Anthony Opens Up About Abuse In Past Relationship



When La La Anthony first announced she was writing a book advising women on love I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea. Although the television personality and business woman has been open about her life and career, she hadn’t really been about about her relationship with her NBA player hubby, Carmelo Anthony.

In my opinion, we can’t say we really know the couple or what they’ve overcome together. We’ve only known them based on their public outings and what’s been depicted on La La’s own reality show, ‘Lala’s Full Court Life.’

But, I stand corrected.

I strongly believe it takes someone whose gone through the experience to be able to advise on it — whatever that it may be. And, we now know that Mrs. Anthony has had her fair share of heartache. In fact, La La opened up about that very experience during her interview with Sway Calloway while making a radio show appearance to discuss ‘The Love Playbook.’

During the interview she talks about an abusive ex and what she was able to learn from the experience.

“You know and it was my first love and I felt like he was controlling me because he loved me and that’s how he’s showing me that he loved me. And it was later on that I realized that was completely wrong and that’s a message I want to get out to young women out there. That’s not love.”

On the abuse she endure she added, “Throwing plates of food at me. Breaking glasses. Always being really angry and upset. I was like, ‘This can’t be love.’ Love shouldn’t feel like this. I would tell myself that and continue to stay. It could be the smallest thing–that could be your breaking point. And I remember calling my dad like, ‘Dad, I need you to come and get me.’ I hadn’t even talked to my dad because I had isolated anyone who wasn’t a fan of the relationship. Anyone that didn’t say anything good, I didn’t want to talk to them. I said, ‘Dad, you got to come get me.’ Literally, my dad just got in the car and drove up there to come pick me up. It’s a defining moment to my life that I’ll never forget.”

Of the book and the message she hopes it sends she says, “The core of ‘The Playbook’ is about self esteem and loving yourself and not looking for a man to validate you or make you feel whole. That’s the message I want, especially for young women, to get out of this book. [Do] not feel like you need a man to feel whole or worthy.”

And La La may very well know what she’s talking about. She and Melo have been together now for nearly 11 years and counting. The couple became engaged in 2004, welcomed their son, Kiyan, in 2007 and got married in a lavished ceremony in 2010.

The ceremony was documented and televised on the couple’s then reality series, “La La’s Full Court Wedding.”

“The Love Playbook” is out now make sure to pick up a copy.


(Photo: Lala Anthony/Instagram)


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  • I really dig Lala and her reality show – I hope they come back for another season!