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Housewives of New York Star Ramona Singer & Husband Split



Another day another Housewives marriage has come to its demise. Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer, 56, and husband Mario, 60, have separated according to sources.

After 27 years of marriage the couple have not only separated by may have already moved on and dating other people.

Usmagazine.com reports, “At the moment, things are anything but amicable for the Bravo couple, who share college-aged daughter Avery; as first reported by Page Six, the couple recently got into a heated fight at their shared Hamptons home, with cops eventually arriving on the premises. (According to Page Six, after things calmed down at the Hamptons house, Ramona even offered the visiting policeman a “glass of wine,” which they declined.) No word yet on when or if either party will file for divorce.

“They like to put on appearances like things are okay,” one source tells Us Weekly. “It’s been going on like this for awhile.”

Adds another pal: “It is like war of the roses between them right now.” As recently as last October, Ramona had denied reports that Mario had cheated with — and impregnated –another woman.”

Since news of their split, Singer took to social media site Twitter tweeting this message, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. ~ Vince Lombardi”

We wish the couple well.

(Photo: Ramona Singe/Instagram)


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