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Bow Wow Responds After Reports He Was Fired From BET’s 106 & Park



Earlier in the week, Bow Wow was reported to have been fired from his hosting duties on BET’s weekly music countdown show, ‘106 & Park’.

According to the reports, the rapper was canned for using the company’s credit card towards child support for his three year old daughter, Shai Moss, with fitness model Joie Chavis.

As reported by Cream BMP, a BET executive blasted the rapper following the discovery he used the company card for personal use.

The site reports, “He want people to start calling him Bow Wow, but still acting like he got the ‘Lil’ in front of his name” Says one 106 & Park executive who witnessed Bow Wow being escorted off of the B.E.T. property”

“Bow Wow real name Shad Moss was fired from 106 & Park just hours ago after an accountant discovered he used company funds to pay for his monthly child support to baby mother Joie Chavis.”

But it didn’t end there. According to the site, a senior accountant for the network, Roger Payme, blasted the rapper and host some more adding, “I don’t care what video vixen he decided to skeet in, B.E.T. money, is B.E.T.’s money. I’m driving a used Honda and his daughter got a toy Bentley for Christmas, ain’t that a b1tch?”

As for how much the rapper used towards his personal expense the site notes over $30,000.

The site again adds, “B.E.T. plans to air reruns until they find a suitable replacement, but expects no slip in ratings since nobody really watches 106 & Park since AJ & Free left anyway.”

Upon hearing the reports the rapper was quick to tweet his response when a fan asked about the firing. Not long after, he tweeted about an Ebony magazine photo shoot taking place at the BET headquarters.

Here are the rapper’s response.

Bow-Wow-Responds-Fired-BET-106-ParkRapper 50 Cent also chimed in asking if the rumors were true. Upon seeing the tweet, Bow Wow shared the message and his response.

Bow-Wow-Responds-50-Cent-Fired-BET-106-ParkAnd just days prior, the host revealed his reason for accepting the hosting gig on the popular music countdown show.Bow-Wow-Responds-Why-Host-BET-106-ParkIt turns out, CreamBMP.com is a satire site — comprised of parodies of current events and news in urban culture.

On the site’s disclaimer the site owner, a comedian who goes by the name CREAM, notes: “For entertainment purposes only.”

So Bow Wow fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. The rumors are not true.

(Photo: Bow Wow/Instagram)


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  • mlmkareem

    They need to find the person that started this rumor and go in on them for this. This type of rumors make bloggers look bad yo.

  • cottenkandi

    Yes, completely frabricating the story does make bloggers look bad. It’s unfortunate.