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Help Tiny Name Her New Tequila



Tiny has just unveiled a new business venture she wants help in naming. The singer turn reality television star and talk show host, and T.I.’s other half of course, is creating her very own tequila. Tiny has been hinting at the big reveal for several days now and it’s finally here.

Upon sharing the big news she wrote the following message, “My BIG announcement is… I am launching a NEW line of Tequilas! Pour It Up! Pour It Up! I am super excited to launch my own liquor, but I wanted to share this experience with my fans and give YOU an opportunity to be apart of this process.”

“I am hosting Tiny’s Name My Tequila Contest and need your help naming the new line of fun and flavorful tequilas,” she continued. “Please submit a name for my new tequila at www.TinysTequila.com (link in bio) between now and February 18, 2014 at 5:00pm for a chance to win! If you are the selected participant, you will receive a special edition case of my new tequila before it hits stores and you will be my special guest at the Launch Event!!!! Your input matters to me and I can’t wait to see your submissions. Remember you must be 21 and over to participate. #NameTinysTequila #Tiny #PrettyHustle #Tequila #Contests.”

Check out the video announcement below for more details.

Got a name you think Tiny will like? Head over to TinysTequila.com to give in your submission.

(Photo: TinysTequila.com)


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  • KiaSoto

    good luck with this

  • Victoria Cohn

    I think u should name it TNT for Tiny & Tip

  • JaTyra


  • Sachae

    As soon as I started reading thing and soon as your face and tequila popped in my head I thought of the name “internal glitter” aka IG meaning: your drinking it internally and something bright shines out haha corny but cute n sounds extra sexy at the same time I’m sure it would sound pretty rolling off tha tongue lol I’m thinking a light pink in color clear bottle glitter top fancy lettering with a diamond rhinestone in front of it 😉 hope u pick me smooches *sachae*

  • Lyndella Moton

    You should Queen hustle …im just saying you are married to the king snd yall are both on your hustle….

  • Jamica Renee Brown

    This is a GREAT opportunity to give your FANS…i have bn a fan of yours for YEARS…NOW to the names lol…Tinys peach (since ur from the A) lol tinys tequila, tasty tequila,triple TTT (taste the tequila), tasteful treat tequila (youll never know what flavor youll taste)

  • Lyndella Moton

    Maybe you should name it A1 hustle. ..I think since hustle has been apart of being a harris that its only rught for it to be part of the name

  • Lyndella Moton

    I also like stunning for the nsme

  • Lyndella Moton


  • Trenace Daye


  • Jameka

    I think you should name it ” Mysterious ” & have us figure out what the flavor is … Also, you could name it ” Classyc ” bc no one else has it.

  • Jamica Renee Brown

    Harris family hustle, X-quila, internal love, delightful treat, vanishing love, Tiquila, genie in a bottle ( make u feel magic) miraculous love, tenacious Ti tequila, taquila (tameka+tequila)

  • Anna rattliff

    How about Pleased , TT Tiny’s taste or Classy some thing that not only sound good but resembles you

  • Jamica Renee Brown

    chateauila (chateau+tequila)

  • Malinda Brooks

    Pequeño y dolce (tiny and sweet in Spanish)
    Aliuqet (tequila reversed)

  • Kim R. Walton

    Hello Tiny, how are you doing?

    I think the name of your tequila should be:: Tiny’s Tasty Tequila aka “Triple T”…..

    Just a thought, hope you like it. Have a Good Day.

  • Sandy Gantt

    Sexy…or luscious. ..or WET!!!!

  • Jamila

    I think it should be named A.Ti.L Tequila for the fact you and tip are from Atlanta and have Ti in your names. It has swag to it.

  • Tiandra Griffin


  • Quintina Monie

    Pink crown

  • kashashi

    Tiny Passion♥
    drink sounds good already

  • Toya

    Hi lady, I think it should be XsQuisite. Good luck with your search.

  • Stefanie Shines -walker

    Pink plezer
    Tinys tasty twang
    Down south swag
    Pink glacier

  • tisa Teemee Johnson


  • Karen Lovings

    Well Tiny since the bottle appears to be pink I thought “Pink T” was a good name…like a play on words like green tea but not…lol…the “T” could be for tequila or for Tiny…you could have coconut Pink T or raspberry Pink T & so forth…hope you like it but good luck either way & btw if I were to win I’d love to hang out at your launch party!

  • charnelle magee

    Major TIPsy,

  • charnelle magee

    Major luv

  • Angela Riley

    You should go with something move and simple and also with a little Spanish twist to the name since it is tequila. With that being said maybe “mayor tequila” mayor meaning major or “Magnifico” meaning grand!! Good luck:)

  • Ashley Guyton

    I’m not to good at thinking about names but I’m always up for a challenge I look at the bottle and think girly but it’s more to it you have to bring it out and make the name you pick feel something to you ever time a lady want to sip she feels like everything is gone no worries sooo why not (pink paridise) a little drop of heaven I’m just saying

  • Dominique C urry

    I am thinking it should be
    named Tiny’s Taste

  • Vanessa

    Pink Passion
    Tiny Shimmer
    Pink Shimmer
    Pink Potion
    Tiny’s Love Spell
    Pink Royal
    Pink Hustle…
    Hope I Get A Chance To Hang Out With You!! Luv Ya Tiny!!! ❤️ #NameTinysTequila #Tiny #PrettyHustle #Tequila #Contests #BottomsUp #CongratsTiny

  • a.one

    Pretty Tipsy

  • TINA

    (Tequila) keep it sample

  • Barbara Blassingame

    I think you should name it Squelia Tequlia Or Hustelia Tequila.

  • jalisa gaynor

    Tiny straight up I tink the name should be” tiny’$ time to turnup tequila” or” tenacity tnt” n my last idea would be ##starmellow giantz!!! #

  • jalisa gaynor

    Starmellow giantz tiny$ time to turnup… tenacity tnt

  • melanie


  • Falana

    I think thug passion

  • Falana

    Panty Drop

  • missingnyc

    Top notch tequila, Top shelf tequila, Tipsy time, turnt up tequila, bombshell tequila, boss life tequila, trouble time tequila, smooth taste tequila, party time tequila, top quality tequila, tinys tasty tequila, tinys teriffic tequila, TNT the bomb,

  • john harrison

    Grand union, anomaly, driven, two crowns, celebrity, boss tequila, Georgia select,

  • john harrison

    Day one, love, touch, endure, sapphire,

  • kennetha m malone

    Tiny’s Tasty Tease Tequila… leaves you tickled pink! 😉

  • Chandra

    Three T’s = Tiny’s Tequila Tonite

  • Denacua Franklin

    Tiny I think your tequila line should be name 100% Bad Boss Tequila wit a crown on each cap letter even the with 100% wit a crown on it as well because you’re one bossy ass bad ass chick. I Love You you a strong Wong stand behind her family no matter what life brings you.

  • Alexandria

    ButterFly Effect

  • Alexandria Reynolds

    ButterFly Effect

  • shirl Burroughs

    Ti’ Amore

  • Melise Mcelrath

    PREFERIR (perfer) in spanish

  • Nicosia

    It should simply be name “T”