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Bill Cosby Will Return To Television In NBC Sitcom



Bill Cosby is making a return to television. The 76 year old actor and comedian has once again partnered with NBC to star in a new television series.

After disappointing results and dismal viewership of several shows cancelled by the network, NBC hopes Cosby will have the spark, it needs, to revitalize the network.

In 1984 Cosby and NBC created the very successful “Cosby Show” about a successful husband and wife duo raising seven children in their Brooklyn, NY home.

This time around, the show will center around a family patriarch (Cosby), his family and his “take on marriage and parenting.”

Cosby and the original “Cosby Show” producer, Tim Werner, are scheduled to meet fairly soon and begin developing a script that will captivate an audience — something the network needs at the moment.

The show doesn’t yet have a name but something tells us it’ll have that “Cosby Show” formula. We’re looking forward to seeing what Bill and NBC will deliver.

(Photo: Bill Cosby/Twitter)


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