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Oprah Speaks On Not Getting An Oscar Nomination For “The Butler”



Although Oprah Winfrey delivered an impressive and memorable performance in the 2013 film, ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” she was overlooked during the 2014 Academy Awards nominations.

Of the Oscar snub Winfrey says, “Don’t be annoyed.”

“… I really look at that category and look who is nominated in that category: my friend Julia (Roberts) and June (Squibb), whom I don’t know, but Sally Hawkins and Jennifer (Lawrence) and Lupita (Nyong’o.) I think that’s fantastic,” she explained.

She adds, “And so I haven’t picked up the acting chops in 15 years. So to be able to be a part of a film that could get that kind of attention, that could earn the kind of audience respect that it has, I’ve been saying all along, ‘I’ve already won. I already won.'”

Winfrey’s last role was in the 1998 film ‘Beloved’.


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  • carol

    what a class act Oprah is on the Oscars so gracious about not getting nominated kudos to you your a super lady