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50 Cent Shares Photos of Son, Sire Jackson, With Daphne Joy



Following an assault case that led to the revelation that rapper 50 Cent had fathered a child with ex-girlfriend, Daphne Joy, the rapper has since shared several images of his two year old son, Sire Jackson.

Last summer we told you about the assault case where Joy accused the rapper of vandalizing her property and assaulting her during a disagreement. In the police report, presented to the LA Sheriffs County office at the time, the details indicated the former couple had had a child in common.

Although the rapper didn’t confirm, or deny, the news at the time of the assault, it’s clear he now acknowledges the little boy and is the father. The proud dad can’t stop sharing photos of his son.

He shared the above image with over 1.5 million Instagram followers earlier today. Not long after he followed up with this image adding, “Little big MAN lol #smsaudio”


Awww isn’t he just precious?

Unfortunately the rapper is also still estranged from his first born and 17 year old son, Marquise Jackson, with ex Shaniqua Tompkins. The two’s relationship has been strained following a falling out last year. The teen’s mom also alleges 50 hasn’t seen his son in two years and Marquise has yet to meet his younger brother.

We hope the father and son will resolve their issues really.

(Photos: 50 Cent/Instagram)


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  • whoknewdatruth

    Chile boo…his older son is here in Atlanta…Fif was down here in aug at the mix show with his son..pics were taken..and on the internet..that baby mama lying.