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Rumor Control: Chilli & Wayne Brady Are Not Dating



According to some earlier reports this afternoon, TLC group member Chilli and television personality Wayne Brady were reported to be a couple.

It was Us Weekly, who first reported that the two were now dating after a recent citing together.

“The relationship is fairly new, but the couple has already shown their affection for each other in public. On Friday night, the two were spotted holding hands while the comedian supported the singer during a TLC concert at the MGM in Las Vegas,” the site reports.

The site goes on to say…..

“They were so cute, stopping to take pictures with fans,” an eyewitness tells Us of the night out. “He kept her close to him the whole time.” Mid-show, Chilli (real name: Rozonda Thomas) also gave the Emmy-award winning star a shout-out during the set and brought him on stage. (Chilli and Lil Mama performed for a private party MGM threw for their employees.)

“It has only been two weeks but they really like each other,” a source adds. “They’ve been friends for years but there has always been this flirtation. Both of them had a hard time being single, so they love dating a friend and someone in the business. They make a really great couple.

As it turns out, the pair have given love a shot before. Brady, 41, and Chilli, 42, dated briefly a year ago but put things on hold after only a few weeks due to their busy schedules.”

Cute right? Well, sorry to burst your bubbles guys but the rumors aren’t true.

It was Brady who took to social networking site, Twitter, to clear up the report made by the news site earlier today.

He tweeted, “So, just clear it up @officialchilli are not dating. Who wouldn’t want to though, right? Don’t believe everything u read:).”

Although Chilli did not confirm or deny the news, her publicist has been making sure to also put the rumors to rest. On their own social sharing site, @enchantedpr, a rep for the singer adds, “Folks just can’t resist a good #celebrity #rumor.”

And there you have it.

(Photos: Chilli/Wayne Brady/Instagram/Twitter)


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  • twanatells

    When I saw this on the internet earlier I didn’t think this was true


    Yeah me either. He sure shot that down quick!