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Fantasia Denies Suicide Rumors, “Stop Trying To Make Me Dead”



Singer Fantasia Barrino would like for the media to put all the suicide reports to rest. After stumbling upon a news article reporting that she’s been suicidal since her split from her married lover, Antwaun Cook, whose since returned back to his wife Paula Cook by the way, Barrino felt the need to make a few things clear.

Although she did attempt to commit suicide back in 2010, after her affair with Cook became known to the public (See HERE), Fantasia insists she’s in a much better place these days.

She took to social media site, Instagram, to share this message…


Upon sharing the image she also added this message, “Lol!!! Who keeps this stuff Going?? It’s becoming a Lil questionable lord lord lord. It’s almost been a Year and this is still going on. Lol!! He and I are not together. I’m not going anywhere so stop trying to make me Dead.. Lmao!!! I’m just getting started”

The singer and Cook also have a two year old son together, Dallas, born in 2011.

(Photo: Fantasia/Instagram)

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  • Didn’t she try to kill herself the last time he left her?