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Dwyane Wade & Fiancee Gabrielle Union Ring In New Years 2014 Together



Despite all the backlash from fathering a newborn child while on a “break” from longtime girlfriend turn fiancee, Gabrielle Union (See HERE), Dwyane Wade rang in the New Year with his lady love.

In fact, the couple brought in the New Year with pals Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne Bosh.

We’re guessing all is well in the Union-Wade household.

It Wade who shared the photo with fans adding, “Brought the NewYrs in with my beautiful fiancé and great friends…2013 was filled with ups and downs…without them u can’t grow. So I’m better now becuz of them. 2014 I’m ready…#UnionWade”

D. Wade shared another photo, this time Gabby made sure to put her ring finger on display.


Wade again added, “Sorry repost from myself… We wanna thank #BiminiIsland for showing us and our friends a great time on Newyrs…#WadeUnion #2014”

Well, if they’re happy we’re happy for them.

(Photo: Dwyane Wade/Instagram)

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  • She can flash that ring all she wants, everyone knows she got the booby prize.

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  • Chile she is a true ride or die!!!

  • kelly

    realy?? ==there is rare such ignorance displayed as the saddness these two have in covering and lieing … they are sooo hollywood now that they are blinded by the hollywood dust that sprinkle their small minds .dwade has to know he is finished as far as a fan base …maybe a few heat fans will love him still but the majority of fans will dump him union the same she has very little fans as is …. togehter the drew a lttle interesst last year …due to the fact its rare to see a chocalate brown brother with a chocalte brown sistaer ..but omg ..they threw mudd on that dream …. no one gives a dame bout their dreamy little photos of a happy little couple ..yes those christmas pictures didnt work huh gabby …. where you posed with dwade and his sons ummm? right?? girl bye …..if you think we fell for that that was the first sign … he had a secret …and then he gave you a ring after christmas who does that??? unless you have fu….ied up ..you a nd him both tried to save your couple endorsement deals … lol… aint gonna work cause now you both are know idiots

  • kelly

    i feel so sorry for sauvaugh kids ….they now are being cared for b y a man who leaves them for months with a nanny showing up here and ther to take fake pics with his kids to make us think hes somme good daddy .. lol ..and union knows how to act so her jobe was simple ….. i kneww he was cheater … he didnt look into union anyway ….so save the fack bull now ….. we aint fallin for this ..you were broke up and had an affari on a girllfriend ?/ shat athlete has to separtate from his gilrl for a breake …normally tey ust break up …. period ..she didnt want gabby back but her star staus didnt hurt his endorsements either

  • kelly

    dear abby….imean gabby….
    your a bottle of gasoline placed next to a burning house … lol … now shauvagn wade your time has come . to show how karma really works , i know she didnt wish no body bad but the way dwade did his wife , this is in order what he got … amazing how a man can sell his soul for a roll in his riches. i promise you this all is gonna roll down hill like a titanic rebirth . with dwade and gabby as jack and rose…remember the end of titanic when jack and rose was in the ice ? okkk
    they both gone freeze in this storm there will be no rose surviving in this movie gabby .. anyway all jokes aside .if dwade had not tried so hard to keep up with lebron and koby he would have kept it real and stayed single raised his kids and dated ….ummmm fu..cked all the groupies he wanted. and not try to perpetrate a ake relationship for pr purposes . he got that poor girl just twisted . amazing how gabby shows us all how dumb she really is …no one is falling for it girls . you dont have to get out for our sake…please sttay if you wish just dont cry foul when you cant get your head out the sand where he willl shove it when he is done with you….. you had your warning now do like the rest of us be a woman about it and dump that chump

  • kelly

    AND THE REST OF THE TEAM PURE SUCKS CAUSE MOST OF THEM ARE CHEATERS AND THEIR WIVES AND GIRLSFRIENDS ARE TYPICAL DESPERATE FOR CASH GROUPIES … mostly ever athlete you see now has married a groupie ..except lebron… adrian chris bosh wife a groupie . for sure she doeist care bout the elephant in the room with chris bosh she loves money and fame.
    now gabby union was a hollywood groupie she use to run around with married nba stars ..jason kidd for one .
    and a few others a real pass around dwade had nothing when he got her …is the reason he can have a child with another groupie while sleepin with union nasty and sick …. union is chaseing nba fame she wnates to be a heat wife period … and will probaby still marry him like the deperado she is …
    but it want change this teams background ..im a heat fan and its a shame to see such talent wasted . you have to respect lebron he took a while but he made it right …..with his baby moma and he is younger than old ass bosh and dwade shame