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Damon Wayans Jr. Talks Aja Metoyer & Dwyane Wade’s Newborn Son, “Don’t Want Kids Getting Hurt”



Actor Damon Wayans Jr., son to famous actor and comedian Damon Wayans Senior, is opening up about the mother of his children Aja Metoyer.

Metoyer is also now known to be the mother of Dwyane Wade‘s newborn son, Xavier Zechariah Wade, born on November 10, 2013.

Damon caught up with TMZ recently and shared his thoughts on Aja having a son with the Miami Heat player and his concerns.

“I really have nothing to do with Aja’s situation. We both live completely separate lives, aside from co-parenting,” he tells the news site.

“My concern are my daughters and that they don’t get hurt in any of this,” he adds.

Damon also adds that his two daughters “love their little brother and that’s all I care about.”

Here’s a photo of Metoyer recently unveiled to the public.


As for D. Wade’s concerns?

He and fiancee Gabrielle Union are taking things quite well. The couple just rang in New Years together while celebrating with friends Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne Bosh (See HERE).

Glad to see they’re all handling to situation like mature adults.

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