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Lamar Odom Gets Three Years Probation For DUI Charge



Things are looking up for Lamar Odom, well, sort of. Instead of going to jail for his DUI arrest back in August, Odom was sentenced to three years probation.

Better than a stint behind bars, right?

The athlete reached a plea deal, on Monday, agreeing to plead “no contest” in the charge and agreed to take the 3 year probation sentence.

Odom was arrested on August 30 on a California highway when he was pulled over for reckless driving. He was then given a field sobriety test where it was determined he was under the influence of a controlled substance.

In addition to Odom’s plea deal, he will be required to complete an alcohol education class by June 9th and pay $1,814 in fines and fees.

Odom’s driver’s license has also been suspended for one year after his refusal to submit a blood alcohol test at the time of his arrest.

(Photo: Lamar Odom/Instagram)


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