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Melanie Fiona Rumored To Be Dating Rapper Nas


Picture 1Age ain’t nothin but a number! Word on the streets is that 30 year old singer Melanie Fiona is dating rapper Nas, who is 40-years old (hard to believe, if you have seen him lately!).

According to All Hip Hop, the beautiful R&B singer was spotted with the rapper at a private gala showing some PDA. They have been seen together before; Fiona helped Nas celebrate his 40th birthday back in September. It seems, speculation a few months back that Nas and ex-wife, Kelis, were getting back together isn’t true.

The rapper also collaborated with her on the track, “Running” which is on the album ‘The MF Life’.

Perhaps the two are keeping their relationship private and letting fans focus on the music? If she and Nas are indeed an item, they will definitely be a power couple! They both have good looks and true talent.

Doesn’t seem like Melanie Fiona will be ‘running’ away from Nasty Nas any time soon!

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Contributor: Elise Englander
Follow her on Twitter: @EliseRachel_


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  • SweetT

    i am here for this. that melanie can sang her face off & they make a cute couple.

    hope nas treats her better than kelis, though.