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The Game Brings Adorable Daughter Cali To The Arsenio Hall Show



Rapper, The Game, brought his adorable 3 year-old daughter, Cali, to accompany him on the Arsenio Hall Show, Tuesday night, and, as we guessed, the she stole the show.

During the interview, the rapper got a bit teary-eyed speaking about his love for his daughter and family:

“For any man that has a daughter, she means more to me than life itself. When I look into her eyes, that’s all I need to do to get me going. I’m motivated when I look at that little girl. It’s almost like she’s a friend or somebody else’s child. I’m so intrigued. I study her. She’s like, ‘Daddy, what are you looking at?’ I’m just like, ‘YOU!’. She means everything to me. That’s my cut off time because if I talk about her for more than 30 seconds I’m gonna cry.[…]This is my family. This is my balance. Once I walk out that door life kicks in”

The proud dad also shared a few more precious photos of himself and his daughter. Check out the photos below.


Game added this caption, “I wish every moment was like this one……”


He continued to gush about his baby girl again writing, “Raven Simone eat ya heart out…… Here comes @littlemisscali !!!!!!! Thank everyone @ArsenioHall show for treating my baby like a queen. Check her out tonite at 11pm………. #Love #DaddysLittleWorld #LoveOfMyLife #MommyGotMyWardrobePoppin #Superstar #Arsenio #KTLA5”


He also shared this photo of Cali while at the show, “My baby made us so proud yesterday. @littlemisscali absolutely killed the @arseniohall show……. It’s really a trip that 3 years ago I watched this lil baby being born & already she’s on national television turning heads….. I love her with everything God has given me & NOTHING could ever change that !!!!!! Congrats baby girl… Daddy & Mommy are with you.”

She’s too precious!

You can watch the entire interview below.

(Photos: The Game/Instagram)


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  • MrsGrapevine

    I can’t look at Arsenio Hall the same after reading Yazmar’s Kola Boof post about peens.

  • I love the way he loves his daughter!