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Fat Joe Released From Prison & Surprises Daughter (Video)



After serving three months in prison for tax evasion, Fat Joe was released just in time to spend Thanksgiving with his family. The rapper was so elated he couldn’t help but to surprise his young daughter. He even shared a video, with fans, surprising the little girl. Upon sharing the video he added, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING DADDY’s HOME!!!!! #HTG”

Awww… how sweet.

The rapper, real name Joseph Cartegena, plead guilty back in 2012 for stiffing the government in nearly $1 million in back taxes. He turned himself in on August 26th serving, only, three months of his four months prison sentence. He has been ordered to pay $15,000 in fines and will be on supervision for the next year.

Welcome home Joe!


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  • I saw that video.. So sweet!

  • yazmar

    fat joe aint fat no more

  • Your IRS doesn’t joke. Thank god Canada doesn’t put folks in jail for this. But they will rob you bank accounts, work pension and your spouse’s to get what’s owed.

  • MrsGrapevine

    The US will do that too, to the little guys. The big fish get jail time and fines.

  • MrsGrapevine

    Cute moment, luckily it was only three months.

  • twanatells

    That was so cute

  • That seems so pointless. Jail cost taxpayers money. Just double the fines.