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Yandy Smith Bashes Celebrity Bloggers For Their Negative Reporting



Reality television star and business woman, Yandy Smith, shared an open letter, on Monday, addressing rumors and negative remarks made about her personal life.

Before beginning her letter, posted on her own website, Everythinggirlslove.com, Smith began with this quote, “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X

Smith then went on to address three blog sites she has felt has tried to discredit her by reporting on speculation and outlandish rumors regarding her personal life and fiance, Mendeecees Harris.

It is no secret, Harris will receive a hefty prison sentence, if convicted, on drug related charges — something we’ve bared witness to on popular VH1 reality show, “Love And Hip Hop NY”. One site even went as far as accusing Harris of corroborating with officials by snitching on friends and former affiliates to receive a lesser prison sentence.

Smith also made it clear that despite what we’ve heard about her, she’s a successful TV personality, business woman, music manager, a successful creator and producer with an inspirational book for women in the works. She also adds she’s a great mother and step-mom.

“Now, to the believers and avid followers of these websites and all the others that bank on lies and misfortune of our people, please take it for what it is…”entertainment only“, Smith writes. These bloggers do not know us, they usually don’t have inside scoops or factual breaking news. It’s purely to generate income from the retention time you give them by staying on their sites and increasing their advertising dollars. Read their stories with a grain of salt and a side eye.”

Although I understand Smith’s perspective and reasoning behind her open letter, it was surprising to see her speak out against these sites.

First let me say, Cotten Kandi has never been and will never be the kind of site whose sole purpose is to discredit, demeanor, ridicule, bash and trash talk about any celebrity, and for that, we lose the web traffic and the advertising dollars Smith is so quick to speak of. Honestly, I am okay with that decision, but, I couldn’t help but to notice Smith’s “promotion” of the outlets she mentions.

Whether she realized it or not, she did the very thing, bloggers like myself (who stay on the cuff of the trash but never fully indulging or encouraging it) believe, “good news is not news.”

The negative reporting got her attention. So much so, she felt the need to address it on her own online outlet, mentioning the very sites she speaks out against. She has just pointed new readers, perhaps, into the direction to where they can get this “trash”.

In her letter, Smith also points out her disappointment to learn that one site, in particular, is operated by young black women, like herself. She asks, “what Fortune 500 company will endorse such trash you speak of and write?”

My thoughts? The same way reality shows like “Love And Hip Hop” get their endorsements.

Perhaps, in her haste to address these bloggers and dismiss the negative reports, she forgot she’s on a reality show that hasn’t garnered millions of viewers, each week, because of its positive message. Although, she too, has managed to stay on the cuff and never fully engaging in the drama she has benefited and has capitalized from being apart of the show.

Again, although I understand Smith’s views of the media’s ability to ruin a person’s livelihood with speculation and propaganda, I wonder, would she have written the same letter to a TMZ (who are known to pay for their exclusive content), or, is it only black bloggers she has a problem with?

I’ve reached out to Smith to get her feedback on what I’ve mentioned here. So far, no comment.

I will keep you all posted.

What are your thoughts on Yandy’s open letter to the media? Do you agree/disagree and why?

To read the full letter head over to Everythinggirlslove.com.

Here is Baller Alert‘s (<---Click the link) response to Yandy Smith's letter. (Photo: Yandy Smith/EGL)


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  • ★Javier__Duhhh★

    I so agree people don’t look for the facts they just take that juicy story and run with it!

  • I’m sick and tired of reality stars, when she does something about that. . .

  • Can’t say I blame her.. I don’t talk negative about anyone on my site nor do I report everything I see or read!!!

  • MrsGrapevine

    I didn’t respond because I don’t write about Yandy Smith or her cast of [insert negative words]. They really can do bad all my themselves without help from bloggers. Personally, I hear and see a lot, but I don’t live to destroy people or lives.

  • Gossipthat

    She made a valid point

  • KiaSoto

    good write up Toni