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Drunken Video of Lamar Odom Leaks, Athlete Confesses To Cheating On Khloe?



Just when things were starting to look up for the troubled athlete, things have just gone from bad to worst for Lamar Odom.

The torubled NBA player has been plagued with drug abuse and cheating allegations regarding wife Khloe Kardashian but, it seemed, the couple were on a road to reconciliation. It also seemed he was in negotiations with the Los Angeles Clippers and may be in talks to join the team.

Now a video footage of the athlete, who appears to be drunk and high, may include a confession for cheating on his wife. Although there’s been much speculation that he has, the footage, may be proof he had been unfaithful to his wife — adding strain to the already troublesome marriage.

In the footage, Odom also raps about smoking weed, the NBA, and groupies.

Check out humiliating footage below and tell us what you think.

Lamar Odom Cracked Out Rap Video — I Cheated on Khloe Kardashian

We’re not exactly sure where, in the footage, Odom confesses to cheating on his wife. In fact, the amateur lyrics are no different than any other rapper boasting and bragging about drinking, smoking, doing drugs and the multiple women they’ve been with.

Needless to say, this footage does the athlete no justice.

The only question now remains, will Lamar’s latest set back cost him a contract with the Clippers?

We will keep you posted.



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  • twanatells

    Wow Khloe needs to just cut her lost and divorce this loser

  • MrsGrapevine

    Why are they waiting until he’s getting his life and career back on track to leak this? Dayum some people are evil!

  • yazmar

    But of course he did