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Peter Gunz Baby Mama, Tara Wallace, Speaks To The Breakfast Club



If you’ve been watching the very drama filled third season of “Love and Hip Hop New York” then you’re fully aware of music producer Peter Gunz and his love triangle with his sons’ mother, Tara Wallace, and singer Amina Buddafly.

During the interview we learned quite a bit about Ms. Tara Wallace. She says she met Peter in 2001 when she worked at Sam Ash in New York City. She admits that they were friends with benefits when they started dating, implying that she didn’t know he was already in a relationship at the time.

She says she decided to do the popular reality show to use it as a platform to get back into acting but she wasn’t aware of Peter’s cheating ways and affair with Amina prior to being on the show.

She also admits to losing weight from the stress of finding out Peter had married Amina and that her brothers want to be him.

Check out the full interview below and here more of what Tara had to say.

Following Tara’s interview it seems a bit like karma coming back to bite her in the derriere. She had an intimate relationship with Peter while he was involved with another woman. Now he’s moved on and married the woman he cheated on her with.


We wish Tara well, although, this interview didn’t exactly paint her in a good light nor is she just the victim. She’s the former side chick who got played by her man an his side chick. Tisk tisk tisk…good luck Tara!


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