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Keyshia Cole Remove Husband Daniel Gibson’s Tattoo, Couple Heading For Divorce?



There may be trouble in paradise for Keyshia Cole and husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. They couple have been sending out some telling messages on social media. In fact, fans noticed Cole covered a tattoo with her husband’s initials on her left should. The original tattoo, had “D. Gibson” written under the words “Truly Blessed”.

Here’s a photo of the couple during happier times.

Daniel_Gibson_Keyshia_Cole_Shoulder_TattooIf you look closely, the tattoo is very much visible in the above image taken during the time of the couple’s then BET reality show, “Family First”.

Here are some recent photos the singer shared with fans online. If you look closely, the tattoo seemed to have been replaced and covered with a butterfly.



Keyshia_Cole_Remove_Husband_Daniel_TattooThe singer has also shared some recent and telling messages that all isn’t well within her marriage. She’s been posting messages on sites like Twitter and Instagram much like the ones below.

Keyshia_Cole_Marriage_Woes Keyshia_Cole_Marriage_TroublesAnd it didn’t help that Boobie shared a more recent photo of himself with Houston stripper Ciara at a local strip club.

Daniel_Gibson_Houston_Strip_Club_StripperRecently Boobie also denied allegations he cheated on Cole. Addressing gossip site MediaTakeOut.com Gibson tweeted…


We really hope the couple will be able to work out their troubles. Perhaps even keep their personal issues off social media.

The have a 3 year old son together, Daniel Gibson Jr. (DJ).


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  • Gossipthat

    I think she got rid of that awhile back

  • ★Javier__Duhhh★

    Wow I really though they would’ve worked. But hey when a woman is fed up it’s nothing you can do

  • I feel sorry for her. She had a tough childhood, and I think it impacts how she reacts to things.