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Blac Chyna In Mickey Mouse Forever 21 Crop Sweatshirt



Bodacious model, Black Chyna, recently shared the above photo of herself with fans wearing this adorable Mickey Mouse inspired sweatshirt. We couldn’t help but to wonder where did she get the item and where we could find one just like it.

It turns out, it really wasn’t very difficult to find. In fact, Forever 21 recently unveiled their Mickey & Co Exclusive Collection inspired by the Disney character. It’s likely that’s where Chyna, an avid Mickey fan, got the item.

What’s even better? It’s very much affordable.

The Oh Mouse Cropped Sweatshirt is only $17.80!


Cool right?

Head over to Forever 21 to check out some more items and great deals from the collection.

(Photos: Blac Chyna/ Forever21.com)


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