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5 Signs You’re In Love With Being “In Love”?



We all love to be loved and love to be in love, but, there are just some of us who just love the idea of being in love and don’t know the difference. Here’s how to tell if you’re simply a hopeless romantic who is in love with love.

  1. You fall fast and hard. In fact, you’ve already been “in love” on several different occasions.
  2. You’re an emotional daydreamer: Your fantasies can give even the best romantic novel a run for its money. You spend your days and nights daydreaming about your Knight in shining armor.
  3. You keep falling for the same “LOSER” you’ve dated for years but just can’t shake the feeling. He may not be Mr. Right but you’ve grown so comfortable in your relationship that you’ve convinced yourself he might as well be the one.
  4. You’re emotionally co-dependent on your mate: Making them happy makes you happy. Your livelihood depends on how they’re doing, so much so, you start to forget your own identity.
  5. You can’t be alone: You’re so afraid to be alone that you’ll do anything for love and to be love and maybe even by anyone.

CK readers, if this is you, you may very well be a hopeless romantic.

What are some other signs you or a person you may know is in love with being “in love”.


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