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Pebbles Says She Didn’t Cheat TLC & Chilli Slept With L.A. Reid On Wendy Show



TLC founder, Perri Pebbles Reid visited the Wendy Show, on Wednesday, to discuss the group and the group’s movie biopic, “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story”, and why she wasn’t happy with how she had been portrayed in the VH1 original movie.

When asked if she stole millions of dollars from TLC Pebbles answered, “Hell no.”

On whether she kicked Chilli out of the group as depicted in the film Pebbles says “Absolutely not. T-Boz and Left Eye did…because of what they said was happening in the studio.”

She elaborated that Chilli’s relationship with producer Dallas Austin was a conflict of interest ultimately resulting in Chilli being kicked out.

On whether Chilli actually slept with her then husband L.A. Reid Pebbles says, “Absolutely. I didn’t know, I suspected a couple of things but I didn’t want to believe that. And, for years I didn’t want to believe that cause I felt like they were daughters to me.”

On TLC paying her $3 million for the group name Pebbles adds, “It was my name. I created that name.”

Although she didn’t confirm it, Pebbles says she’s got all options on the table on whether she’ll sue VH1 and T-Boz and Chilli for her depiction in the biopic.

Watch the full interview below.

Boy, she sure has it out for Chilli.

We’re curious to know what L.A. Reid has to say about these allegations. Interesting.

(Photo: Wendy Show)

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  • KiaSoto

    i think i am starting to believe pebbles

  • Firecracker

    After watching the TLC movie, I don’t trust Pebbles. I do believe that Chili slept with LA Reid though. Chili is a stupid whore.

  • This is getting messy real fast!