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Draya Michele Fight At LA Nightclub Over Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick



“Basketball Wives LA” reality star Draya Michele reportedly got into a nightclub brawl, last month, with a fellow cast mate.

The incident took place after Draya felt offended when the said cast member made some not so nice comments about her boyfriend and Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick.

It’s no secret, Draya and Orlando have been dating for much of this year — something she’s shared with fans on social media unveiling several photos of herself and her love together.

According to TMZ, “Sources close to production tell us, the fight broke out after co-star Sunny Carter badmouthed Draya’s new boyfriend Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick — and Draya snapped.

We’re told it got so bad, the girls had to be physically pulled apart, and Sunny walked away with a black eye.

We’re told the trash talking has been a huge issue the last few weeks, with cast members maligning Scandrick, basically calling him a philandering scumbag … among other things .. and Draya simply reached a breaking point.

It’s unclear if it’s related to the fight, but we’re told Draya bailed on the cast trip to Paris last week, where they were supposed to film the finale.”

We’re quite surprised this show even got the green light for a third season. In fact, we previously reported the show may have been on the chopping block. We guess producers felt the show just needed a change in cast.

Sisters Gloria and Laura Govan and bodacious model Brooke Bailey will no longer be apart the show. There’s also a possibility rapstress and Malaysia Pargo’s best friend, Adiz “Bambi” Benson won’t be either. In fact, she may join the Atlanta cast of “Love & Hip Hop” since hooking up with rapper Lil’ Scrappy. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see what the upcoming new season and a few new cast members will bring.

With all the drama Draya may be bringing with her new found relationship and Jackie Christi’s crazy behavior, the show may have very well been resurrected from the dead.

So far, Draya nor VH1 has confirmed whether the reports are true but we shall see.

(Photo: Draya Michele/Instagram)

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    The ratings can’t be worse than the original Basketball Wives. They just yanked it off the air.