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How To Tell If You Are A Serial Friend-er



You love everyone and everyone loves you — so you’d like to think.

We’ve put together a list of signs to determine whether you or someone you may know is a friend-er. You know, someone who goes the extra mile to become everyone’s bestest bud. Here are 8 signs of a serial friend-er.

  1. Everyone you meet is your bestie: Within minutes of meeting someone you “just know” you’re gonna be BFF’s forever!
  2. You assume the identity of your closest friend at the moment: Everything they do you do. You  not only imitate them but you become the replicate of your new bestie, perhaps even co-dependent. You dress like them, talk like them and even try to think like them.
  3. You’re famous on social media: You have thousands of friends online but actually know less than 50% of the the people you’ve befriended.
  4. Speaking of social media, you frequently post messages just to see how many likes, retweets and shares you’ll get.
  5. You are afraid to be alone: You need people around you at all times because being alone cares you.
  6. You never pass up an opportunity to go to the week’s best hot spot. Why? Because you know the whose who of popularity will be there.
  7. You may also like to keep up appearances just to fit in. You not only know the joneses you want to look like them too. You’re willing to the pay the cost to look the part.
  8. You go above and beyond, even at your own expense, to come to a friend’s aid.

CK readers, what are some more signs of a serial friend-er?


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