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Keyshia Cole Receives 10 Stitches For Finger Injury During A Night Out



Singer Keyshia Cole was rushed to a hospital — receiving ten stitches to her finger after being sliced open.

After arriving at a local hospital for the injury the singer shared the above image adding, “It hurt so bad! I mean finger was cut OPEN! Smh!!!!! But the Doc got it right! Quick! Thanks doc”

Although we do not know what caused the injury, the singer certainly didn’t know her night would end like this.

The singer shared this photo with her Instagram followers adding, “Late start but it’s time to party”


While getting stitches for the open wound she shared another photo adding, “This is how I ended my night! 10 stitches!!!! Smh”


Get well soon Keysh!

(Photo: Keyshia cole/Instagram)


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  • Geesh.. I couldn’t imagine!