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Jay Z Under Pressure Over Barney’s Clothing Deal Following Racial Profiling



Despite the media’s continued efforts, they just can’t get the best of Jay-Z. Being the multi-millionaire mogul that he is, the rapper recently signed a deal with Barney’s to create a special holiday collection. His clothing line will include watches, scarves, raincoats and more luxury menswear.

Even though Jay might be on great terms with Barney’s, not everyone is as lucky! Just this week two black shoppers accused Barney’s and the NYPD of racially profiling them after they purchased pricey items from the Madison Avenue flagship store. The rapper’s collaboration, which is supposed to hit stores November 20th, was formed long before these recent accusations.

Mr. Carter has remained silent on social media and hasn’t spoken publicly on the issue. According to the Daily News, over 1,500 people have signed a petition that calls for him to cut his deal with Barney’s. Since the victims pressed charges earlier this week, There have been many complaints about the partnership. However, representatives from Barney’s say that the black shoppers weren’t interrogated by store employees.

Regardless of whether the employees worked at Barney’s or were outside detectives, some New Yorkers are angry- Marcy Houses residents in particular. 40-year old Annette Rush told the Daily News, “From someone that came from the hood, he should know all that. He knows how hard it is. I don’t think he should sell his things there, not at a place where there’s racial profiling going on. It’s ridiculous.”

Jay-Z may have grown up in the hood and definitely experienced racially profiling at some point in his life, but let’s remember he is under contract. This clothing line could be huge for him and I’m sure that for all the shoppers boycotting the deal, there will be just as many going out to cop that Shawn Carter tee or scarf!

(Photo: NY Daily News)

Contributor: Elise Englander
Follow her on Twitter: @EliseRachel_


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  • twanatells

    They got they foot in Jay Z’s neck about this Barneys deal

  • Jay-Z would never walk away form a business deal. All he cares about is money.

  • He couldn’t anyways. Without being sued. I think this is why Barney’s issued the apology yesterday, and I’m sure the two kids will be paid by Tuesday next week. The janitor has come out, rug lifted, sweeping has commenced.

  • KiaSoto

    jay z is not gonna respond and truthfully i think its more the nypd stopping people with barneys bags it was a 350 belt thats pennies to barneys even the girl who both the celine bag i feel bad for her but the cops need their asses profiled and dealth with and btw theres saks bergdorf and all the high end stores in NYC u have options to spend ur money with other stores

  • yazmar

    This whole story is silly