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Beyonce Bungee Jumps Off Auckland Sky Tower In New Zealand (Video)



Beyonce is certainly a dare-devil. The singer just jumped off the Auckland Sky Tower while in New Zealand.

Still on her Mrs. Carter World Tour the super star thought it would be fun to jump off the tower. And, it certainly looks like she had fun.

Before jumping off the tower, the singer is filmed preparing to jump down 192 meters — the biggest jump in the country.

During the fall she could be heard shouting, “This is awesome!”

And after landing safely on the ground she adds, “That is so fun…I’m great. I love it.”

Watch as Beyonce makes her bungee jump.


About Author

  • KiaSoto

    she seems like she was on one

  • HollywoodHiccups

    She is brave, I would not have done that.

  • twanatells

    She looks like she had fun but I could have never pulled that off. I think I would have fainted in mid air lol

  • She was too busy laughing to be scared. LOL. I agree with Kia.

  • Gossipthat

    that’s what’s up

  • yazmar