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Bow Wow Invites Catfish’s Dee Pimpin & Keyonnah To 106 & Park (Interview)



If you watch the popular MTV show, ‘Catfish’, then you’re familiar with the show’s online daters being catfished or catfishing their love interests. And, if you’re still not familiar with what it means to be a catfish, it’s pretending to be someone you’re not only to appear more attractive to your admirer.

On one of the show’s most recent, and popular episodes, Keyonnah was catfished by Dee Pimpin who pretended to be rapper Bow Wow. The episode created so much buzz it captured the real Bow Wow’s attention, so much so, he invited the pair on 106 & Park to chop it up on what really happened.

Check out what the duo had to say when you watch the interview below. You can even listen to and watch Dee Pimpin’s new video for “Stunnaz”.

Now here “Stunnaz” by Dee Pimipin

We like it, what are your thoughts?


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  • Gossipthat

    Well at least they got meet him, lol

  • KiaSoto

    she has to feel stupid sitting be side the same person she said she was lol

  • At least she got a chance to meet him lol!

  • yazmar

    This is sooooooooooooo wild lol

  • Yeah, I guess we’re supposed to ignore that a mentally healthy person wouldn’t do this.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    They must have been so excited to meet him

  • I had NO IDEA they actually appeared on the show!!! :0

  • twanatells

    This show is so fake and this episode confirmed it

  • twanatells

    Im convienced this show is fake expecially after watching this Bow Wow episode and now they on 106 girl bye….The public was catfish believing this show was real