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Chilli & T-Boz Discuss The TLC Biopic, Peebles, Lawsuits & More With The Breakfast Club (Full Interview)



Are you as excited about the new TLC biopic as we are? We thought so.

The ladies of TLC sat down to discuss just that and more with The Breakfast Club, on Monday. Chilli and T-Boz dished on their portrayal in the film as well as that of former manager Peebles and her husband and music executive L.A. Reid.

The ladies also delved deeper into their past issues with Peebles and her not being happy about her portrayal. They talk being broke, their past relationships, Chilli’s abortion and desperation to become a mother there after, Left Eye’s issues within the group , lawsuits and why they decided to cast Lil’ Mama as Left Eye despite the criticism.

The interview is very entertaining to say the least. Listen to the full interview below.


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  • Good interview

  • MrsGrapevine

    Pebbles had been in the industry for years, and she knew that was a contract she wouldn’t want to sign. She should have had these young women’s best interest in mind, and I’m sorry she didn’t educate them well.

  • That was a great interview. I’m glad to see they’re back!