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[Exclusive] Author Teri Woods Talks Domestic Violence & If We’ll Ever Get A “True To The Game” Movie



I honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, author Teri Woods attended the second annual “Face My Abuse” walk, last weekend, to share her own experiences with abuse.

In discussing her reason to support Jacqueline Rowe and her foundation, Woods said, “Well I think what Jackie is doing is really inspiring, and, any time I can lend a hand and come out and share my story or share anything that’s happened to me, that’s helped empower me, and to overcome situations that I’ve been in with domestic violence then I like to try to help out.”

On whether she plans to write about her experience with domestic violence, “I’m in the process of writing an autobiography just in general,” Woods adds. “My autobiography is more based on my story and my journey. However, there is a part of a chapter that does go into that relationship, that I had, that was very unhealthy”

When asked about whether she has any new books in the works, “My last book that came out was called “Alibi” part 2,” Woods continued. “Then the last book my publishing company put out was “New York’s Finest.” The only thing that we’re doing right now is, we’re revamping The “True To The Game” collections, the “Dutch” collections, the “Alibi” collections. This is actually the twentieth anniversary of “True To The Game.”

On whether we’ll ever get a “True To The Game” movie — something her fans have asked about for years. “You know, I’m very concerned. I’m really concerned. I think there’s just a tide out there that’s preventing not just me but my peers. I would have felt a little bit better about this if I saw “Let That Be The Reason”, “A Hustler’s Wife”, or even a Wahida Clark book made at this point. I mean, none of us is gonna get a deal, really?”

“For me to have the body of work that I have and for me to know that my other peers and other authors, out there, have struggled and done all of this, it hurts the heart. We should have been made one by now.”

“I’m starting to think that what I’m actually gonna do is, if it’s really gonna happen, it’s actually gonna be an independent movement and I’m gonna have to figure out a way to get independent financing and make it happen and figure out how we’re gonna distribute it when we’re done.”

Check out more of the interview with Woods below.


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  • Great, important exclusive. I love it when people give back. .Well done Teri. :)

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    good interview!

  • I’m not familiar with her work, but bravo for her supporting this!

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    A great interview. It is so important to inform people. Bravo!

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    Great interview Toni

  • I’ve never heard of her before but great interview!

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    Awesome interview

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    Awesome and on point Ms. Toni!