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Rihanna Gets Bizarre New Hand Tattoo During New Zealand Tour Stop! (Photos)



Bad gal Rihanna, still on her ‘Diamonds World Tour’, was spotted getting a new hand tattoo in New Zealand, on Tuesday.

Normally we’re all intrigued by what the singer will do next. And, normally we are amazed.

Not this time.

The singer’s new hand tattoo has many buzzing and fans shocked as to why she’d get it and what does it mean. check out the emerging photos of the singer’s new tat and tell us what you think.


Ouch, looks painful!


Do we like?


About Author

  • That is THEE ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen. I can’t even look at it long without it making my flesh crawl.. LOL!

  • KiaSoto


  • Her tattoos are so random. I love tattoo art, but she’s just throwing ish on her body.