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Tami Roman Gets Spin-off Reality Show, “The Roman Empire”



Tami Roman is extending her reality show career just a little longer. The television personality has just announced her “Basketball Wives” spin-off reality show.

Although she’s been portrayed as a villain, to much of her own doing, since joining the show during season 2, Roman is now on a road to redemption.

With a new show on the way, Roman insists there’s more to her than the “bully” she’s been portrayed as.

In fact, following a petition to have her remove from the show, Tami said it caused her to withdraw from her loved ones and check in with God.

‘It caused me to just say, ‘ok God help me out of this situation’ and I decided to make all the necessary changes,” Roman told CP. “But I needed to have people really know me, know Tami and not just the imagery that they see on ‘Basketball Wives,’” she tells The Christian Post.

“I watch myself and I see myself on t.v. and I think what it has taught me is that I’ve been harboring a lot of feelings about my past. I have a defensive personality and I’ve learned through the course of this show that you can’t do that,” Roman adds. “Sometimes the way you’ve perceived something is not the way a person intended that to be and I had to learn to articulate rather than get angry, rather than curse people out.”

Of her new show, Roman admitted during a recent radio show interview that she is doubtful about the future of “Basketball Wives”, now in it’s fifth season.

She stated, “I don’t even know if ‘Basketball Wives’ is even going to have another season. My focus right now is ‘The Roman Empire,’” Tami told ‘The Morning Riot’ this week. “That’s my own show; it’s in development. It’s about my life, my daughters, my core group of friends.”

She also notes that her show will have some celebrity guests appearances.

Roman, however, did not confirm when and where we can expect her show to premiere. We will keep you posted.

(Photo: OfficialTamiRoman.com)


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