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Erica Mena Opens Up About The Physical Abuse At Hands of Her Son’s Father & The Infamous Kick In The Face Video



Over the weekend, “Love And Hip Hop” reality star Erica Mena joined Jacqueline Rowe and the second annual “Face My Abuse” campaign and walk against domestic violence.

Although initially reluctant to speak on the matter, Erica opened up about the physical abuse she suffered by the hands of her son’s father, Raul Conde. Erica says that her tough girl exterior, she’s known to have, is only a defense mechanism for never wanting to be abuse again.

During her speech, shares a story rehashing a violent outburst in front rapper DMX and then wife, Tashera Simmons (also in attendance). She says although Tashera came to her defense, one of the few to do so, DMX did not intervene and allowed the assault to take place.

Of the infamous video where Erica is seen attacking Raul (see HERE), she goes on to elaborate on what really happened. She says Conde had initially punched her in the face, when she came to, she attacked back. She stated she had gotten tired of the abuse and had to fight back.

She also reveals that it was also that video that allowed Mona Scott and her producers to approach her to do “Love And Hip Hop”. She believes it has been a blessing and a curse because it carries a stigma for who people think she is.

Hear more of what Erica had to say below.


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