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Keke Palmer Talks Not Being “Hollywood” & Her Boyfriend Of Three Years With Fuzion Magazine



Keke Palmer, one of the leading ladies in the upcoming TLC biopic, is front and center of Fuzion Magazine this month. She looks stunning and makes us ladies all wish we could rock bright colors just as well as she does!

The 20-year old actress sat down with Fuzion Magazine to talk about her journey from a childhood star to an adult in Hollywood. Even though she may be a product of Hollywood, this young woman does not get too caught up in the limelight. Keke says, “Even though I’m in the entertainment industry most my advice or mentors come from outside of the industry. I don’t like to cloud my head too much with the Hollywood world—I really just talk to my mom, talk to God, my family is very close so if I have any issues I just talk to them about it and they help me through it.”


Seems like the ‘True Jackson’ actress has a great head on her shoulders! We are sure she also speaks to her boyfriend, Rodney, when she has a problem! Yup, you heard that right, the starlet is taken, sorry boys! Keke spilled the deets on her 3 year relationship with her man, whom she also lives with.

She explains, “I am dating someone right now, we have been dating for three years now he’s a great guy, but I’m definitely in that part of my life where I’m really focusing on doing what I need to do and getting what I need to do get done and same as him.”

That is definitely important in any relationship. You need to remember your own priorities before someone else’s and we can assume Keke’s got that down pact!

Palmer may only be 20 years old, but clearly there is no stoppin’ her!  You can catch her in Crazy Sexy Cool premiering October 21st on VH1.


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