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Featured: 5 Tips On Getting Flawless Skin Like Actress Jennifer Lawrence



Jennifer Lawrence, or more affectionately the “Girl on Fire”, has been mesmerizing as Katniss in the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy. Apart from the curves and athleticism, her gold-bronze complexion has been a highlight of her appeal.

Her skin is full of youth, and cheekbones easily make the prime. Surprisingly, she isn’t a fan of any vigorous skin care routines or cosmetic surgeries and likes to keep it natural.

While cosmetic surgeons are trying to emulate her skin on clients in clinics, there are natural skin care tips that can be used to get a glow like her (or at least close to her).

Natural skin care tips to get that Jennifer Lawrence skin

Organic Bath Salts

Organic bath salts are ideal when it comes to an overall body skincare routine. Lawrence uses them before an important event such as a red carpet event or an award show.

The salts have some special qualities that allow them to sooth your muscles, detoxify your skin, make your skin soft and smooth as well as act as an exfoliator. They also contain an anti-bloating effect that assist in wearing a form fitting dress.

Wax Off

If you have any excessive hair on your body, and especially on the face, hair removal will be important. Makeup and skincare can only do so much for a smooth and even looking skin, so it is best to look into some hair removal options.

Hair removal wax is one of the easy options that can be utilized from the comfort of your home. However, it is important to be careful of toxins and chemicals that are present in some kits. Ideally you would want to go with an option that doesn’t contain any chemicals and is water soluble.

A Natural Looking Foundation

In terms of makeup, it is recommended that you get a foundation that is not only exact to your skin tone, but also has a natural finish. It should not make your face look like a ‘confectionery item’, but should promote an actual healthy looking skin.

The foundation really sets the stage for the rest of your makeup, so a high quality brand would be considered as a good investment.


For that golden-bronze glow that exudes off Jennifer Lawrence, you don’t necessarily need a bronzer because a good highlight might just be enough.

There are some phenomenal liquid highlights in the makeup market and in varying tints. Choose the one with more of a gold tone, apply a little bit above your cheekbones and blend it into your skin to get that Lawrence like glow.

Healthy Diet

A healthy (not a crash) diet is the key to achieving a healthy skin. Most of the diet should consist of foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, because they are more important for skin than macro-nutrients like fats and carbohydrates.

Eat your fruit and vegetable portions or slowly begin to include them into your meals while steadily increasing your portion. This will help you with achieving a healthy body as well as having a skin that is youthful and fresh.

Most celebrities have not only a rigorous workout routine, but also beauty regimens that can easily become stressful, expensive and unmanageable. But in case of Jennifer Lawrence, she has always kept in simple and natural, so you can do the same.

(Photo: JenniferSLawrence.com)


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