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Shonda Rhimes Welcomes Third Baby Girl Via A Surrogate!



‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’ creator, Shonda Rhimes, is now a mother of three.

Rhimes, 43, made the announcement on Twitter, Sept 18th, when she tweeted, “Been AWOL from Twitter. I totally have a good reason: TINY HUMAN #3 is here and she’s perfect!”

“Babies are good. Life is good. #2shows3kids,” she added.

Although many media outlets have reported she adopted again, she did not.

It’s no secret that Rhimes is a big supporter of adoptions and adopted daughters Harper in 2007 and Emerson in 2012. However, her third child (whose name we do not yet know) was born via a surrogate.

In fact, Rhimes wrote an open letter she, again, shared with fans on Twitter to clear up the rumors herself.

She writes, “So this amazing thing happened: I welcomed a new baby into my family. She’s very cute and her sisters love her and when she screams, she sounds like some kind of very important siren which I think is a good quality in a girl. We are happy, I am happy, I am very EXTREMELY happy. So happy that, after a few weeks of me and my girls being so very extremely happy with this awesome siren-screaming baby, I looked up and realized that I’d been neglecting my twitter feed.”

Rhimes adds that after weeks of silence and rejoining social media to tweet about the Emmy Awards over, the weekend, she realized people began speculating she had adopted again.

She clears up the reports adding, “There seemed to be a lot of people out there who think I adopted again. Like, a LOT. Like, there were actually articles in which RHIMES ADOPTS THIRD CHILD was the headline. But, um…I didn’t. Adopt….. For all kinds of reasons which one day I will write about but since it involves all kinds of hugely personal things including my va-jay-jay, I won’t write about it right now. We don’t know each other well enough yet. Let’s all just keep our va-jay-jays to ourselves for now.

“This time, I had my baby via gestational surrogacy. Yes. You heard me. An incredibly awesome woman gave me the incredibly awesome gift of carrying my baby for me. It was equally as incredible as the experience of adoption. Different but still just as special and as wonderful as adoption.”

She goes on to end her letter with, “I’m happy. So I will say it again: Tiny Human #3 is here and she is perfect and I am happy. #2shows3kids.”

Congrats Shonda!


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