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Drake & Chris Brown Squashes Beef At iHeartRadio Festival?!



Chris Brown and Drake have finally ended their feud!

Thank heavens.

Over the weekend the two artists reportedly reconciled at the iHeartRadio music festival.

Drake and his crew, reportedly, attended the music festival, on Friday, specifically to watch Chris’ performance.

GlobalGrind.com reports, “Drake came on Friday with his whole crew, and watched Chris’ entire set…After Brown came off stage, a spy told us: ‘They were backstage hugging and drinking…the reunion went so well, the two even talked about creating some tracks together.'”

The unknown source also reveals that the two were brought together by Def Jam music executive Abou Thiam. Thiam is not only one of Brown’s managers he’s also the brother of rapper Akon.

The site also reports, “We’re told Thiam is very friendly with Drake, and worked to try and get him and Chris together to put their differences aside.”

We wonder how Brown’s ex-girlfriend and Drake’s former fling, Rihanna, will feel about the reconciliation?

We’re happy about it quite frankly!

A collaboration between the two artists would be nothing less than a masterpiece we’re sure.

It’s no secret, that for the past few years, the two artists have been feuding — over what many speculated to be because of Rihanna.

The feud got so heated, it resulted in a nightclub brawl at New York City nightclub, W.I.P., last summer.

Whatever the reason these two have decided to put their past issues behind them, we think, it’s about time!

If true, we can’t wait to see what these two will come up with together.



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  • They might as well. It was very unnecessary anyway!

  • Gumbumper

    I’m so happy to hear this

  • DivaWhispers

    i really hope so…they could do big things together

  • MrsGrapevine

    Now Rihanna has less fuel for her fire. So glad, this shows maturity. Hopefully it’s actually true.

  • Yassss! Rihanna ain’t worth it.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    Made up today, wait till tomorrow they will be back at it these two love the drama!

  • Twana Tells

    About time they act like adults