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Rihanna Gets Thailand Men Arrested After Posting Instagram Photo



Rihanna may be the blame of two men being arrested in Thailand. After sharing a photo holding a Loris (an endangered primate from Southeast Asia) with nearly 10 million Instagram followers, two men were arrested.

Over the weekend, the pop star shared a number of photos while visiting the island of Phuket (Thailand). Little did she know, the endangered animal shouldn’t have been in her possession to begin with.

Upon sharing the image the singer wrote, “Look who was talkin dirty to me! #Thailand.”

In the singer’s defense, however, it doesn’t appear she knew she was helping the two men break the law.

The photo is believed to have been taken at a Phuket nightclub “Bangla Road”. It’s where authorities were able to locate the men in question. The problem is, it’s illegal to charge tourists money to take photo with the endangered primates.

Sunday night, the men aged 16 and 20, were arrested and taken to a local police station and presented to the media after a raid.

“It is very difficult to do the raids because the touts (a person soliciting custom or business) have spies,” Awat Nithikul, leader of the patrol officers, told The Phuket News.

“If someone hears that the police are coming their way, there will be a person who calls the touts and tells them to move. But this is a big deal because it might affect Thailand’s reputation.”

The newspaper says the two arrested touts are waiting to be bailed, and the two lorises in their possession will be returned to a national park in the nearby province of Phang Nga.



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