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Jaden Smith Thinks Everyone Should Drop Out Of School



Fifteen year old Jaden Smith would like to share his philosophy on life. He thinks in order for people to be more intelligent they should all drop out of school.

The young actor and rapper went on a bit of a Twitter rant, on Monday, sharing his views on the education system with over 4.5 million followers.

He declared, “Education is rebellion.”

He then added, “If newborn babies could speak they would be the most intelligent beings on planet earth.”

Are you offended yet?

And, that wasn’t it.

Smith again tweeted, “If everybody in the world dropped out of school we would have a much more intelligent society.”

Perhaps using Twitter to send, what some would consider a “blasphemous” message, probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but, we think his heart was in the right place.

Ending his rant when he again tweeted, “Everybody get off your phones and go do what you actually want to do.”

For more on what the young philosopher had to say head over to Mrs Grapevine.

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  • HollywoodHiccups

    Jaden Smith is an idiot!

  • Gumbumper

    That’s crazy as hell

  • ★Javier__Duhhh★

    That what Will and Jada get for help keeping that crazy school open!!

  • These kids stay trying it.