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Michel’le Talks Abuse By Dr. Dre During ‘R&B Divas LA’ Reunion Show (Part 2)



Who would have thought Hip Hop mogul Dr. Dre was abusive in anyway? Well, that’s according to R&B Divas LA’ singer and mother of his child, Michel’le. During part 2 of the reunion special she reveals, “Getting beat was love to me. I did five videos and we had to cover three black eyes. It seemed like the day before a video I got a black eye and we had to cover it.”

“But it was OK and I truly thought he loved me. I didn’t take it as anything bad,” she continued.

“I finally realized that wasn’t good. Believe it or not, the person who made me see that was Suge,” she added.

To watch the entire reunion and hear more of what Michel’le had to say, head over to Yazmar.com.


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  • twanatells

    Wow I would have never thought Dr Dre was a woman beater. Suge Knight yes but Dre, wow smh…