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Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee Officially Resigns From Radio Station, Explains Reason



We can’t say we didn’t see this coming but Mister Cee has officially resigned from New York radio station, Hot 97, after being caught with yet another prostitute.

In fact, the DJ has faced much scrutiny for picking up and getting caught with transgndered men on several occasions.

The incidences brew speculation that Cee may be gay but the DJ always fired back dismissing those claims.

On September 11th, Mister Cee announced it would be his last time on the popular radio station since being with the station since 1993.

The DJ was back on the air, Thursday morning, to explain his reasons for resigning. Check out the interview below.


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  • I want to know why his wife stays. I feel for him though. It must be hard living that lie when so many people know the truth.