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Howard Stern’s Radio Co-host, Robin Quivers, Reveals Cancer Battle



Robin Quivers, 61, best known as co-host to radio shock jock, Howard Stern, revealed some very daunting news on Tuesday.

For the first time, on air, she revealed secretly battled ovarian cancer for more than a year.

During that time, however, Quivers continued with the show remotely while undergoing treatment.

“It never occurred to me not to be on the air,” Quivers stated. “When I was on the air, I was pain-free.”

“I thought she was a goner,” added Stern, on his XM Sirius morning show.

During her 15-month battle with the disease, Quivers underwent radiation, chemotherapy, and two surgeries to remove the cancer tissue on her in her uterus.

Thankfully, Quivers says she is now “cancer free” following her treatment.

Listen to the show below as Quivers reveals her secret battle with the disease.


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  • ★Javier__Duhhh★

    That’s wonderful because cancer is nothing to play with!! Life is short enough as it is.